Announcement of "LIBERTY OF WoVE - INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY ART EXHIBITION My Great Man -" Shibuya Scramble Square Exhibition

From March 6th (Monday) to March 12th (Sunday), 2023, an art exhibition related to International Women's Day ``LIBERTY OF WoVE - INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY ART EXHIBITION'' will be held at Plus Art Gallery on the 14th floor of Shibuya Scramble Square. ``Great People -'' will be held. (``LIBERTY OF WoVE'' is a coined word of ``Woman'' + ``Move.'')


The theme was focused on "active women" as seen by each of the eight artists (ANZU / Oharu / KATHMI / dolly / Karin Nakamori / Narcolepsy1999 / Whitetail / Moeco), including the founder, and they were considered "great people" living in the past and present. We will exhibit art from among women that expresses the "sides" of women that have an impact on their lives.

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Learn about the success stories of great people who have achieved great results in their careers and society, and also learn about the various emotions, conflicts, anguish, anxiety, joy, happiness, and other hidden thoughts that women have as women. I believe that it will be a great source of strength for many people. By conveying through art the themes that have not been touched upon in the past, and the charm and information of a woman that has been difficult to convey, we hope to provide an opportunity to find hints for ``living in our own way.'' .

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Talk sessions will also be held with artists, female entrepreneurs, and others. Further details will be announced on the LIBERTY OF WoVE official Instagram .

■Message from founder Kasumi Yoshida

``My name is Kasumi Yoshida, and I am the representative director of EMOGRA Co., Ltd., and I am the initiator and planning officer for this event.This is a story from my student days, but when I majored in art history, I received compulsory education. However, as I submitted my report, I realized that more than 90% of the historical characters I learned about were men, and there were far too few women.In terms of role models, I realized that when I was working hard in society. , even though lifespans are different, such as body structure, hormonal balance, life choices such as childbirth and childcare, and even menopause in the future, we do not go out and collect information ourselves and search for our predecessors. In my late 20s, I realized that I couldn't create a life plan that truly suited me.

Art is something that comes from the heart of the artist, and I believe that it is a field that can convey a variety of emotions such as joy, anger, sorrow, and joy, as well as diverse viewpoints and ways of thinking, in a more attractive way than just words or letters. On this special day, International Women's Day, we are assembling this exhibition together with you in order to increase the diversity of role models in the world, deconstruct them, and expand possibilities even better through art created from the wonderful perspectives of artists. I am. This is not just about me personally, but also about the recent social problems of the declining working population, the declining birthrate, work balance and difficulty in living, and the modern era where sexual roles have become more fluid than ever before. I think it's a topic. In addition, as an opportunity to bring art closer to Japan, we will carefully draw out the words of artists in the framework of International Women's Day. ”

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■Period: 2023.3/6(Mon)-12(Sun)10:00-21:00
■Sales: March 6, 2023, 10:00~ +ART GALLERY venue/Sales start at this online shop (first come first served)
■Location: Shibuya Scramble Square 14th floor "+ART GALLERY" (2-24-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo | Google map +ART GALLERY)
■Sponsored by / EMOGRA Co., Ltd., Plus Art Co., Ltd., NOMAL Co., Ltd.
■Participating artists: ANZU / Oharu / KATHMI / dolly / Karin Nakamori / Narcolepsy1999 / Whitetail / Moeco

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