[Author introduction] Nojima Kei

Introducing Kei Nojima, the artist of the 1st collage exhibition.

Nojima Gorge

Born in 1993 in Fussa City, Tokyo
I mainly create collage works with the theme of connecting to music through grooves and sampling created by the misalignment of collage images.
In addition to holding solo exhibitions and participating in group exhibitions in Japan, he also provides artwork for the show windows of apparel brands and department stores.
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2016 15th “1_WALL” Graphic Muroga Seitoku Selection Jury Encouragement Award
2017 TAMBOURIN GALLERY solo exhibition “Boom Boom”
2018 Omotesando ROCKET solo exhibition “JAM”, Shonan T-Site solo exhibition “Drift” held
2019 Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University Graduate School of Design Research Area WISH LESS solo exhibition
" over and over” held, and participated in “Shibuya Style Vol.13”
2020 “Shibuya Style Vol.14” participation
2021 CLASS solo exhibition “Assemblage” will be held, WISH LESS solo exhibition “1BEDROOM” will be held,
MDP gallery solo exhibition "distortion" or solo exhibition "Vol.05 Kei Nojima" held,
Participation in “Shibuya Style Vol.15”

【the work】

Tokyo 2022 4/20 12:51

Tokyo 2021 6/3 13:52

Tokyo 2021 5/19 21:32

Donuts No.12

Donuts No.10

Donuts No.6

Dubbing #1

Dubbing #2

Dubbing #3

Dubbing #4

Dubbing #5

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List of Kei Nojima's works▽



[Exhibition view]

The work looks cool😎

The pieces that stand out from the wall have an impact and are stylish 🍩

There are also large works, so you can fully enjoy Nojima Kei's works.

Please come to the venue!


[Staff comment]

These are very impressive works! The Tokyo series is a collage of the cityscape of Tokyo, and I think it's a chaotic and cool piece of work 🗼 The donut series is a collage that stands out from the wall, and you can feel the surprise when you actually see it, which cannot be conveyed in the image. was! Dubbing's work is also a collage of actual video tapes, making it a cool and fun piece of work 📼 Enjoy looking at Kei Nojima's work, who creates his own cool art in the chaotic world of collage! ! 🙇‍♀️

[Exhibition information]

collage exhibition

1st 2022 7.18(mon)-7.31(sun)
Nojima Valley shota takasao kerocchi yama butterball

2nd 2022 8.1(mon)-8.14(sun)
Oyasayaka Kazuyuki Yamada KYOCO MORI Eiji Nas Eri Arai

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