[Author introduction] eriarai

Introducing artist eriarai for the 2nd collage exhibition .


In my daily life, I feel like I spend my time making a collage by connecting various elements that occur inside and outside, such as memories and emotions. In order to leave behind these invisible acts in a visible form, I create works by overlapping my own thoughts with the events told in newspapers.

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Group Exhibition 2019.06 “Collage Exhibition: CUT and PASTE
2019” THE blank GALLERY (Tokyo)
2021.07 “Mini Art Exhibition 2021 Vol.1” GALLERY 2511 (Tokyo)
2021.10 “Collage Exhibition: CUT and PASTE
2021” THE blank GALLERY (Tokyo)
2022 in Paris” ESPACE CINKO (Paris)
2022.06 “Collage Exhibition 2022” DESIGN FESTA GALLERY (Tokyo)

【the work】

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This work is a work in which a ``drop''-like shape appears after unconsciously connecting pieces. This work expresses the importance of self-control, as in daily life, unconscious actions take shape as a result.


This work was created with the idea that people can become both kind and strong by ``knowing'' their weaknesses. By connecting images from the past, present, and future, we expressed the transformation of suffering and fear into vitality.


This work expresses the state of ``groping'' oneself. I consciously expressed how I recognize myself, which is invisible to the naked eye, and reveals myself through interactions with others.


This work expresses the ``connection'' of encounters with people and things. Both inevitable connections and coincidental connections are all connections, and I created this work with the desire to cherish those connections.

This work was created based on the image I had when I read Seiichi Washida's ``Uneven Bodies''. The work depicts how the human body's senses are scattered like "fragments," and the body is depicted as a whole through imagination.


This work is a work that consciously expresses an objective view of myself. He created an "alter ego", distanced himself from himself, and expressed how he understood himself through comparison with others.


This work expresses the power hidden "inside." Based on the idea that the real thing is not just a façade, but the power that lies within, it represents a world where human vitality is released.


This work expresses how my thoughts are gathered together like a ``bundle.''


This work expresses the importance of "communicating" your ideas in a world that is constantly changing.

This work expressed the ``discomfort'' that accompanies unlimited freedom and the escape from that obscurity. Based on the image of breaking out of one's shell, we created this work with an awareness of the importance of active efforts toward freedom.

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[Exhibition view]


[Staff comment]

eriarai's work has a lot of newspaper-like items pasted on it, giving the impression of a modern information overload and chaotic society.

You can enjoy it even when you look at it up close, and you can also enjoy the little people's faces and the moment they are reading the letters.

Please come up close Please take a look at eriarai's works✨
[Exhibition information]

collage exhibition

1st 2022 7.18(mon)-7.31(sun)
Nojima Valley shota takasao kerocchi yama butterball

2nd 2022 8.1(mon)-8.14(sun)
Oyasayaka Kazuyuki Yamada KYOCO MORI Eiji Nas eriarai


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