[Author introduction] Bataball

Introducing the 1st collage exhibition artist Batababoru .


20-year-old. He has been posting his works on Instagram since 2018. The works are digitally created and then constructed in analog and semi-three-dimensional form.

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First exhibition at "UNDER20" in March 2021

July 2021 Special Exhibition “KRAFTWERK”

November 2021 Exhibited at the National Art Center, Tokyo, won the Contemporary Art Selection Award

March 2022: Exhibited at Kyocera Museum of Art, won AIDS Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare award

June 2022 Exhibited at “ART FAIR in New York 2022”

Scheduled to exhibit at “Salon Art Shopping Paris” in March 2023

【the work】


A tiger who feels lazy to answer the phone


Power generation by dogs


Nostalgic high eight chocolate


A chicken that was too cool. Although it is difficult to see, there is an acrylic sheet pasted on the windshield of the car.


One of the "FindNachos" NFT collection. A semi-3D structure that can only be enjoyed in real life. And something is missing.


One of the "FindNachos" NFT collection. A semi-3D structure that can only be enjoyed in real life. And something is missing.


The number of fish that came out of the mouth is the number of lies


A scene from “Wrap around long things”

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List of works by Butterball▽



[Exhibition view]

Cute and stylish work! ! 🐕

Works that won the Contemporary Art Award are also on display 🏆

You can enjoy Batterball's cute and unique worldview❣️

Please come to the venue!


[Staff comment]

This is a retro and colorful work that looks like a collage of overlapping objects that stand out. I thought Batterball's unique way of expressing his work was stylish, with a retro feel.🔆The work is not flat, but is created by layering several layers, giving it a three-dimensional feel. It is an impressive piece of work. Digital-like works are also collaged into cute works🪐(Fujinuma)

[Exhibition information]

collage exhibition

1st 2022 7.18(mon)-7.31(sun)
Nojima Valley shota takasao kerocchi yama butterball

2nd 2022 8.1(mon)-8.14(sun)
Oyasayaka Kazuyuki Yamada KYOCO MORI Eiji Nas Eri Arai


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