[Artist introduction] Asu

Introducing Connect With Green ” artist Asu .


Born in 1994. Started making art in 2016, self-taught to create terrariums using moss and other materials. Launched a YouTube channel in January 2019. He creates works that are miniature versions of Japan's beautiful nature and landscapes, and has gained viewers both domestically and internationally. The number exceeded 400,000 in one year. Currently, there are 943,000 YouTube subscribers. Combining various techniques such as terrariums, aquariums, bonsai, and Chinese bonsai, we express in the smallest possible size the beautiful nature that has been an asset of Japan since ancient times. We create new spaces and experiences by combining the cultural contexts of each region.

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[Works] *Some works are listed.

Enchanted valley - cut out the valley and river

Wood, Moss and Rocks

The cell in landscape - Cutting out the smallest unit of the landscape
(Joint work with Yasutaka Imanishi)

Wood, Moss and Rocks

Weathering & Circulation A - Cut out the weathering

Wood, Moss and Rocks

Framing the overgrowth C-cutting out the overgrowth

Wood, Moss and Rocks


[Staff comment]

It's a wonderful piece of work that looks like a miniature chair model , as if the magnificent nature is framed within the frame . If you look closely, you will be drawn into the world of the work, as if you can hear the sound of a flowing river or the chirping of insects.
Please come to the venue. (the law of nature)

[Exhibition information]

This exhibition is an exhibition that gives you a sense of what a ``comfortable space'' that coexists with nature is now, as the concept of homes and offices has changed during the several years of the coronavirus pandemic.

As people are restricted from going out, I think an increasing number of people want to place something in the place where they and their loved ones live that will give them the ``awareness'' to love things for a long time and spend time self-reflecting. . Among them, art with nature motifs, such as terrariums and bonsai, has become popular during the coronavirus pandemic, and many people are probably picking it up.
In this exhibition, we will once again focus on art that allows us to feel the touch of nature and think about the earth's timeline, and will display works that change the density of our daily lives.
The key to enjoying this exhibition is the works that express the dynamics and delicacy of the natural world, including nature and creatures that can only be seen here. I consistently express the beauty of nature by using the components of the natural world such as moss, wood, soil, and water. In addition, you can enjoy works and expressions of various scales in one space, such as terrariums, bonsai, pottery, and photographs, including works that sublimate cell-scale concepts into works.
For you Co., Ltd.
December 3rd 18:00-21:00
Entrance Free

 Exhibiting artists and exhibition overview]
 Asu | Shun Sato | Yasutaka Imanishi | Masataka Kogo
 *Please refer to each artist's SNS for dates when they will be in the gallery.
Business hours: November 28, 2022 (Monday) - December 11, 2022 (Sunday) 10:00 - 21:00
*Business hours may change due to the influence of the new coronavirus. Please check the official website from time to time.
free entrance
Address: Shibuya Scramble Square Shop & Restaurant 14F
(2-24-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002)
Access: 30 seconds to 1 minute each from JR Shibuya Station (Yamanote Line, Shonan-Shinjuku Line), Tokyo Metro Shibuya Station (Fukutoshin Line, Hanzomon Line, Ginza Line), Tokyu Line Shibuya Station (Toyoko Line, Denentoshi Line)
Works can be exhibited and sold. It will also be sold online during this period.
Online shop: https://pls-art-shop.com/

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