[Artist introduction] NAKAKI PANTZ

Introducing artist NAKAKI PANTZ, who will be participating in the latter half of the Digital Real Exhibition.


Illustrator from Fukuoka. Her illustrations of women who are ``strong, cute, and unique'' have become a hot topic, and she has worked on creative works for many fashion brands, advertising visuals, and music video designs.



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MV “Cheers feat. Tani Yuuki, Kei Sugawara” / MAISONdes

"Neguse feat. Kohanaramu, Zetakun" / MAISONdes

“Rally, Larry feat. Pii, meiyo” / MAISONdes

"Melting in the summer breeze feat. Liria., Yuki Nagumo" / MAISONdes

"Grumpy feat. Haruno, Aqu3ra" / MAISONdes

"Dance Dance Dada feat. EMA, Tanaka" / MAISONdes

"Yowane Haki feat. Wanuka, asmi" MAISONdes

“Ienai feat. Riwa Domura, 301, GeG” / MAISONdes

“Truth is to the edge of the night, feat. Oh, Kujira” / MAISONdes

"For ten minutes, for a hundred yen feat. Moka Sato, Kujira" / MAISONdes

“Hello/Hello feat. yama, Crybaby?” / MAISONdes

【the work】



my favorite

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List of NAKAKI PANTZ's works▽


[Exhibition view]
On display at +ART GALLERY on the 14th floor of Shibuya Scramble Square!
The colors are cute🦄
Printed in bright colors🌹
Frame it to make it look even more stylish! ! 💗💗
Please come to the venue!


[Staff comment ]
This is NAKAKI PNTZ's work with stylish colors! The coolly drawn girls have fashionable makeup, fashion, and worldview ❤️‍🔥
The colors of each piece are unified and the contrast is deep, making it very eye-catching and cool! ! The angle of view and pose of the girl are also cute. . The earrings and items she owns also represent an attractive girl🌈 (Fujinuma)

[Exhibition information]

Digital Real Exhibition

First half 2022 6.20(mon)-7.3(sun)
Yas | Blue Scale Ishu Perpetual mourning clothes 5151.

Late 2022 7.4(mon)-7.17(sun)
NAKAKI PANTZ 100 years Kazuki drawing Mumena

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