[Author introduction] Mumena

Introducing artist Mumena who will be featured in the latter half of the Digital Real Exhibition.


Born on February 18, 2002. Lives in Tokyo.
Freelance student illustrator who draws women.
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illustration2022 published

2022 Participation in joint exhibition from Trance

【the work】

Love is

[Author's comment]

I put admiration, love, and sadness into the eyes and the tips of their noses, which are slightly unconnected.

picturesque person

[Author's comment]

This work was created by considering the boundaries between the attractiveness of real women and the two-dimensional appeal of women expressed as paintings.

White flower

[Author's comment]

I expressed a woman blooming like a white flower without drawing a flower motif.


[Author's comment]

With a Japanese theme, using the feel of the brush that can be conveyed digitally,

This work is conscious of the strength of women who carry culture.

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List of Mumena's works▽



[Exhibition view]

This is a light and beautiful work💎

It is printed with clear and beautiful colors! 🔥

You can enjoy Mumena's beautiful works framed.

Please come and visit us!



[Staff comment]

It is a pale and beautiful work, depicting a girl. I thought that the way the shadows and colors were applied brought out the beauty of the girl, making it a very stylish work! I especially like the way the hair is expressed, and the delicate coloring makes it stand out in its beauty✨The work ``White Flowers'' has great expressiveness, even though there are no flowers drawn, it gives the impression of a beautiful flower! ! 🤍🤍Please pay attention to the girl's pretty expression! (Fujinuma)

[Exhibition information]

Digital Real Exhibition

First half 2022 6.20(mon)-7.3(sun)
Yas | Blue Scale Ishu Perpetual mourning clothes 5151.

Late 2022 7.4(mon)-7.17(sun)
NAKAKI PANTZ 100 years Kazuki drawing Mumena

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