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Introducing contemporary artist Yusuke Toda .

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1. Profile introduction

2. Work introduction

3. Recommended points

4.Other reference sites

1. Profile introduction

Artist name: Yusuke Toda


My work revolves around the character YUM. YUM is a young child and very curious. I always have fun playing and drawing by myself. My cat MEW also often appears.
Through the world of YUM, I would be happy if viewers could imagine happy memories and gentle feelings from when they were young. Because I feel like this world needs more of that kind of feeling.

2. Work introduction

In the center of the screen is a young boy (Yam) who seems full of hope.

Inside the boy's monochrome-based drawing, colorful illustrations such as flowers and stars shine brightly.

3. Recommended points

The colorful illustrations of flowers and stars drawn on the boy's insides all have a smile on his face, and are works that will naturally make you smile when you look at them.

Although various colors are used, the overall look is cohesive, and it is a soothing work that makes you feel nostalgic in some way!

Recommended for those who want to be healed or those who have a monochrome room .

4.Other information/reference sites/media


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