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Introducing contemporary artist Yukino Ohmura .

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1. Profile introduction

2. Work introduction

3. Recommended points

4.Other reference sites

1. Profile introduction

Author name: Shinnosuke Uchida


Born in 1988.

Lives in Tokyo 2013 Graduated from Tama Art University, Department of Painting, Oil Painting

While attending art university, he created a painting that depicts a night view using round stationery stickers, and won the Audience Award at the 2012 Tokyo Midtown Award for the unexpectedness of the material and the beauty of the visuals.

Since then, he has started working as an artist.

Exhibitions have been held at museums such as Ginza Mitsukoshi, Takasaki City Museum of Art, and Chofu City Cultural Center, and a solo exhibition was also held in France at the request of the Japan Tourism Agency.

Every year, he releases many works both domestically and internationally.

In addition to producing works, he also supervises workshops where anyone can participate in the production by simply pasting stickers on them, and he also appeared as a teacher in the circle sticker art assessment for MBS's ``Prebat!!'', which has made him known to many people. It conveys the fun of "round sticker art" and the joy of expressing it.

2. Work introduction

"Sky view in YOKOHAMA"

"Neon light1"


"Sunbeams filtering through the trees"

3. Recommended points

A beautiful landscape drawn only with round stickers spreads out.

The reflection of light is well expressed, allowing you to enjoy stylish and beautiful scenery that is as beautiful as reality.

You can decorate your room with a night view and create a calm atmosphere.

4.Other information/reference sites/media





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