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Introducing contemporary artist Shota Nakatsugawa.

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1. Profile introduction

2. Work introduction

3. Recommended points

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1. Profile introduction

Artist name: Shota Nakatsugawa


Fascinated by traditional crafts, he taught himself Japanese painting and succeeded in incorporating the image of graffiti. Incorporating silkscreen techniques, which are rare in the Japanese art world, he produces world-class works. By incorporating modern art into Japanese culture, where traditional crafts are on the verge of being lost, they create works that are in keeping with the current times, and have gained tremendous support from all quarters.

Recently, he has successfully exhibited at Ueno Royal Museum, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, and Nidai Museum of Art, and in October 2019, he also successfully exhibited at "SALON ART SHOPPING" to be held at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

2. Work introduction

Shota Nakatsugawa creates works based on themes such as faith and ancient Japanese ideas such as the eight million gods. Also, since he loved toys, we have created a collection of toys that are a mix of those things.
Many of the works themselves are series, with different colors, but the concept also incorporates works that look stylish and cute when collected and lined up.

3. Recommended points

Shota Nakatsugawa's works depict motifs that appear in ancient Japanese shrines and mythology. The work itself is majestic with the generous use of foil, and the cute and catchy street-style icons that can be called the "Nakatsugawa style" are characteristic and cute.

If you display them side by side in your living room or shop, it will have an impact and be very attractive!

4.Other information/reference sites/media

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