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Introducing contemporary artist Ayae Komiya .

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1. Profile introduction

2. Work introduction

3. Recommended points

4.Other reference sites

1. Profile introduction

Artist name: Ayae Komiya


He carefully and delicately draws animals, plants, minerals, and other forms created by nature, as well as the beauty of their colors, with a theme of "life force." Fascinated by the delicacy, elegance, and transparency of the traditional craft technique ``Cloisonné,'' he aims to create cloisonné pieces that are accessible even in modern times.


Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1988.
2014 Graduated from Department of Crafts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts

2016 Completed the Department of Metal Engraving, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts Currently working as an artist

Exhibition history

2014 Mitsubishi Corporation Art Gate Program 25th Charity Auction Exhibition
Delight & Bright (Ginza Mitsukoshi)
2015 Mitsubishi Corporation Art Gate Program 27th and 28th Charity Auction Exhibition
2017 GIFTinBLOOM vol.13 (Ginza Mitsukoshi)
Towering high in the autumn sky (artspace Morgenrot)
2018 artNacafe-Hajimarinotane-(Kawagoe ruriro)
Ayae Komiya solo exhibition (Kawagoe ruriro)
Shape of the Heart Exhibition - Things to give and things to welcome - (Kawagoe ruriro)
2019 Ayae Komiya Solo Exhibition (Shinjuku Isetan)

2. Work introduction

He creates two-dimensional and three-dimensional works using the traditional craft technique of cloisonné.

material universe

3. Recommended points

I would like you to pay attention to Ayae Komiya's delicate lines and flow! Her passion for living things can be felt in the creatures depicted in her works.

I'm sure that when you display it in your room, it will brighten up the space!

4.Other information/reference sites/media

Twitter @SaeKomiya


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