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Introducing contemporary artist Majahou.

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1. Profile introduction

2. Work introduction

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1. Profile introduction

Author name: Majahou


I was born in an era called "peace." However, I continue to worry every day with the question, ``This world is not peaceful.'' Of course, I'm not the president, and even if I understand the problems of this world, I can't solve them. However, as someone who lives in the present, I want to know the true nature of the world's problems. ``What is the meaning of the existence of soldiers?'' ``Why has humankind, as a living creature, increased in numbers to this extent?'' ``What is the true nature of desire?'' I repeat the questions that I have felt while living in society. I will take this up in my work. I believe that this problem is not just a problem for me, but is surely connected to the problem of the essence of the world. Rather than a work of art, I hope people can think of it as a calculation formula for finding the true nature of the world's problems (states of war).

The works on display this time use a large number of toy soldiers, models of office workers, paper airplanes, doll arms, etc., but when you look at each piece individually, they are toys and have a sense of playfulness. However, when they appear repeatedly and in large numbers, it feels scary and dangerous. I think that's probably how I view the world. If it's a problem for one person, it's not scary, but if it's a problem for 7 billion people (the number of people in the world), it's definitely scary. It wouldn't be scary if it was just one soldier, but it would definitely be scary if there were 2.29 million (the number of Chinese soldiers). I think what I want to express is the problems and contradictions that exist under this huge population, and the state of war that is born from them. I also want to find the extraordinary in the everyday scenery constructed from a large number of them.

2. Work introduction

At first glance, it's hard to tell what kind of work Majahou's work is. However, as you get closer, you realize that it is made by humans and a collection of hands. Once you see the overwhelming energy that emanates from the work, you won't be able to leave it.

3. Recommended points

Majahou has a consistent theme, but his works range from large to small.

His works have a strong presence, so they can become a great accent when placed in the entryway or drawing room.

Also, since his work focuses on socialism and world issues, I think it will be very meaningful for those who are deeply interested in world affairs to take the time to reflect on his work.

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