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Introducing artist Yusuke Kikkawa.

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1. Profile introduction

2. Work introduction

3. Recommended points

4.Other reference sites

1. Profile introduction

Author name: Yusuke Kikkawa



2019 SICF20 (Aoyama/SPIRAL HALL)

Yusuke Kikkawa Solo Exhibition (Nagoya/AGA-T Main Store)

Can buy! art collector exhibition

Collector's Collective vol.1 (Imperial Hotel/MEDEL GALLERY SHU)

2 020 Yusuke Kikkawa “Visible” Exhibition (Imperial Hotel/MEDEL GALLERY SHU)

Yusuke Kikkawa “The City” Exhibition (Nagoya/AGA-T Main Store)

“Here,Where,Everywere” Exhibition (Kyoto/Fellini Gallery)

“100 People 10” Exhibition (Tokyo/Logsbil)

2021 Spring Art Fare (Matsuya Ginza)

Breakers Show by Breaks Eve Exhibition (Tokyo/Anicoremix Gallery)

ART!ART!TOKYO Break Eve Exhibition (Daimaru Department Store Tokyo)

Yo Tokyo (Yoseido Ginza store)

Yusuke Kikkawa “The City 2021” Exhibition (AGA-T Nagoya Main Store)

WHATCAFE×CREST-DiverCity- (Tokyo/Terada Warehouse)

Art in Tokyo YNK (Tokyo Square Garden)

ART Works Nagoya (International Design Center)

100 People 10” Exhibition (Tokyo/Sinwa Auction)

2022 Well,Here I am Yusuke Kitsukawa(Ra ART Gallery / Yokohama)

CROSSING Taipei (Zhongshan Road/Taipei)

CROSSING Tokyo (Matsuya Ginza)

ART BEIJING2022 (Beijing) *Postponed to September

e to oto to...2022 ~ART×MUSIC~ (Shibuya Scramble Square)

2. Work introduction

FACE-Go Around

We who live in modern times

accustomed to simultaneous information processing

watch movies with subtitles

On TV, the talent appears on the wipe screen.

Meeting with a large number of people on zoom

night scene and


A series that explores the affinity between two people created by modern society.

Initially, it was a combination of human faces and symbolic night scenes with a different worldview.

​Named Face

To The Bright Side & Brism

The night scenery is a collection of human creations

The iconic view from above

It may be a view seen by a being that is beyond human comprehension.

Two styles: To The Brightside and Brism, which is derived from it.

There is not much difference between the two, but

The former focuses on landmark buildings.

The latter focuses on the harmony of the sky and the overall atmosphere.

(Brism also has many vertical compositions)


If you could become the wind, what kind of scenery would you see?

The wind is bigger than humans.

I'm sure you have a wide field of vision.

Then, dare to go slowly and far

I want to see the city in a straight line.

`` Industrial

The beauty of the night contains a sense of immorality.

In order to bring out the contradiction to the utmost

A combination of inorganic artifacts and a fantastic sky

3. Recommended points

Kikkawa's works are, above all, beautiful night views.

Although Mr. Tachikawa's works are realistic, they also capture the emotion of seeing a night view in front of you, and you can feel the beauty of light that cannot be conveyed through photographs. .

Since the background is black, it goes well with concrete or chic dark rooms.

Also, if you display it in a room with a view of the night view, it will match well and look stylish.

Why not spend a rich night by incorporating a night view painting into your home? 🍷✨

4.Other information/reference sites/media

・Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kitusuke/

・HP: https://kitusuke.wixsite.com/mysite/home-1

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