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Introducing contemporary artist Tomomi Taoka .

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1. Profile introduction

2. Work introduction

3. Recommended points

4.Other reference sites

1. Profile introduction

Author name: Tomomi Taoka


I get tired of wearing the same clothes.
I definitely have my favorites, but I end up looking for something a little different.

I always want variety and spice.
I want to constantly betray my identity by changing.
However, there are times when uniqueness becomes a part.
A slight change in balance can completely change your perspective.
There is no end to the coordination of combining such complex materials, information, and parts one by one.
That's why it's fun.
I handle materials and draw pictures with that sense of coordination. I'll make it.

2. Work introduction

Coode_1 #kattoandopeesuto #risaizu #kanpuremento



Coode_3 #kattoandopeesuto #risaizu #kanpuremento

Feikureiyaadocoode_1 #ribaashiburu #dorooingu #kanpuremento #sukurattchi #toransukuraibu #sou #forudobakku #NJ


Feikureiyaadocoode_6 #ribaashiburu #dorooingu #conpuressyon #kanpuremento #meruto #tai #same #hibanii #jinncooshiba



3. Recommended points

Mr. Taoka's works use a variety of materials and have a sense of playfulness, making them very fun to look at ✨ His colorful and pop-like works have a cool street atmosphere and are very attractive! Recommended as an accent for your room. (Mogi)

4.Other information/reference sites/media



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