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Introducing the artist neuronoa .

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1. Profile introduction

2. Work introduction

3. Recommended points

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1. Profile introduction

Artist name: neuronoa


After wandering around the world in more than 30 countries and working as a creator creating music, design, videos, etc., he began producing art in earnest in 2021. Based on the concept of an "information society," he creates abstract paintings with motifs of famous people such as musicians and actors. Using expressions so abstracted that it is impossible to read people's facial expressions, we ask the question, ``What is true information?'' in an ``information society.'' Going beyond the boundaries of art, he is actively involved in projects of various genres both domestically and internationally. Because we want people to always focus on his work, we keep his nationality, gender, age, real face, etc. hidden from the public.


July SYNESTHESIA at Ginza YOSEIDO (neuronoa project)
June Omotesando NickWhite
June Melting Pot at Roppongi Midtown Barneys New York

May SYNESTHESIA at Ginza YOSEIDO (neuronoa project)
May Born New Art vol.2 in Shibuya Scramble Square
March Depth psychology at Nagoya
February SYNESTHESIA at between the arts Hiroo (neuronoa project)
January Reijinsha Gate Art Competition
January Beacon Tower Residence Shinonome by Shintoshi Seikatsu
January Bright at Ginza YOSEIDO

December 100 people 10
December Seibu Shibuya Art Lounge
October Light Brain Exhibition vol.1
October Exhibition where you can find what you like by conte
August Independent Tokyo 2021
August between the arts gallery Private viewing
July Artworks Fukuoka
April Born New Art in Shibuya Scramble Square

2. Work introduction

`` Collins ''

h530mm × 410mm

Complex emotions that do not appear on the surface, such as physical appearance
Perspectives on past, present, and future emotions
folds of color
Questioning the importance of appearance
Hierarchy of social emotions

Confronting the past and future in a painting to surpass the present
Frustrating emotions that cannot be expressed in words are transformed into abstract works.
The reborn emotions are given a fait accompli in the form of works.
This proves the existence of unspoken emotions.


h530mm × 410mm


h530mm × 410mm

Representative of Lolita.
Speaking with a lisp. long hair. She has a petite and simple appearance and an aura of charm that captures the hearts of the opposite sex.
However, that charm caused a wound of jealousy.

Wounds, darkness, and the strength to bounce back from them.
The ability to survive in the world of show business.
Flowers are like flowers, but they are not flowers.

`` Ricci ''

h606mm × 455mm

Usual daily life.
The moment everything changes.
Fear. hatred.
A world of light blue and milky white.
It turns into love. Enveloping kindness and strength.
find true love.
A day in eternity.

3. Recommended points

Mr. neuronoa is a person who values ​​the ``rich moments'' that he feels in his daily life.

I think his works teach us, who live busy lives, the importance of not overlooking rich moments.

In addition, the beautiful layers of colorful paint are sure to brighten up the atmosphere of your room! ✨

How about displaying neuronoa's wonderful works in your room, which are fun to think about and fun to look at? ✨

4.Other information/reference sites/media

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