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Introducing contemporary artist Mannen Mofuku.

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1. Profile introduction

2. Work introduction

3. Recommended points

4.Other reference sites

1. Profile introduction

Artist name: Bannen Mourning


Lives in Fukuoka Prefecture. Life-size maiden illustrator. It sublimates the delicate and complex maiden's heart with bright pink.

2. Work introduction

"I will always be noble..."

"Girls picking cherries"

"Forgotten beauty"

“An adventure just for two people”

3. Recommended points

Introducing Bannen Mourou, who draws girls cutely in pink🌸This is a work that opens up a bright pink world and makes you feel good just by looking at it!

There is a lot of ingenuity in the concept of the characters and the way they are presented, allowing you to enjoy the world of Mannen Mouruku in each of his works.

If you want to decorate your room cutely and love pink, this artist is a must-see! 🎀

4.Other information/reference sites/media



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